Rickman services


Rickman is the only JURA distributor worldwide operating two JURA Hospitality Centres.

With our JURA Hospitality Centres we aim to build loyal long-term relationships with our dealers and consumers.

JURA Hospitality Centres are designed based on Global Swiss standard aiming to ensure premium hospitality level to all our visitors. Our JURA Hospitality Centre sets a benchmark how premium brand should be represented in the market: offering superior sales and aftersales consultation on our products, exposure of complete JURA product assortment that is ready for testing and coffee tastings, ensuring trainings for our dealers and customers and at most – customer focused JURA product maintenance services that are executed in accordance to unified Swiss service standard. In 2020 we served more than 5000 JURA machines across the Baltic region.

Rickman is directly responsible for ensuring superior quality maintenance service to all the brands represented across the region.

We strongly believe that quality of our maintenance services represents the key to building and maintaining the enduring loyalty for our brands. It is a strategic differentiation point, aimed at strengthening premium brand positioning in a market. Rickman is directly responsible for ensuring premium quality maintenance services to all the brands represented, delivering quick, transparent, and customer-focused services across the region. Furthermore, we are constantly working on making our customer lives even more enjoyable. We have launched an online service registration solution so that our customers can now register maintenance work without leaving their homes. In 2020, we designed and launched a tailor-made aftersales application. This is an effective tool for spare part inventory management and, at the same time, helps to protect nature, as it reduces paper administration to close to zero. Using service application, we now see the number of machines working in real time, average work queue and estimated service waiting time. Real time data allows us to set the work priorities, monitor the speed and quality, and ensure even higher transparency.