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Rickman is an exclusive distributor across the Baltic States since 1998. During our 26 years of successful and trusted collaboration with Jura Elektroapparate AG, we have taken the JURA brand to a market-leader position. JURA is now the number 1 brand among fully automatic coffee machines in the Baltics. We are the only JURA distributor worldwide operating two JURA Hospitality Centers. Through the JURA Hospitality Centers, we aim to build loyal long-term relationships with our dealers and consumers. Rickman has enduring successful and proven collaboration with major retail electronic chains, specialized dealers, and professional solution resellers in the Baltics.



Rickman has been the exclusive Blendtec distributor in the Baltics since 2017. Blendtec is a market-leading blender made in the USA. Blendtec offers the best blending solutions for residential and commercial needs. We were impressed with Blendtec’s unfaltering dedication to innovation and determination to be a true pioneer among the kitchen appliance providers of tomorrow. We are proud of the opportunity to launch and represent the Blendtec brand in our markets, enriching our customers’ lives with a peerless product that makes their day more enjoyable. There’s a reason why Blendtec is called the World’s Most Advanced Blender!



Thermomix is Rickman’s newest member, with its representation starting in 2022. The history of the sensational multicooker dates back to 1961 and it has received several innovation awards. Every 23 seconds, 1 Thermomix is sold worldwide, making it one of the world`s best-selling and most trusted kitchen assistants. Thermomix contains 24 different functions in one kitchen device, thus allowing you to save kitchen space and cook comfortably. Its sales strategy differs from our other brands, offering a career opportunity for enthusiastic Thermomix users. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer Thermomix to our Baltic customers.


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