Rickman is built on our Rickmaniacs. Strong personal drive and passion for superior work.


DRIVE culture

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We deliver on our promises and strive for unified goals.

We take full accountability for our behavior and we hold ourselves to the highest business and ethical standards at all times. Our dedication enables us to provide exceptional quality services along with desired value to our suppliers, dealers and end-customers.

We use empirical data and facts to back up our positions and suggestions, and make data driven decisions.

We constantly look to improve our work through data and insights and are openly welcoming feedback because this is how we can work smarter and stay agile in this rapidly changing business environment.

We strive for both personal self-improvement and improvement as one cohesive team.

We continually improve our business process and ways of working to ensure efficiency and meet our unified company goals.

We voice our ideas and proposals.

As well as we speak up if we see areas for improvement or face some concerns. We believe that every our Rickmaniac voice counts.

We work hard, and we play hard! ​We make our lives at Rickman more enjoyable.

We are positive minded, attentive to others, collaborative, celebrating both small and big wins, and actively participating in shaping Rickman’s internal DRIVE culture.

What we offer

  • Personal development

    Our training program involves the systematic training of our people to support our internal talent growth. We believe in continuous personal improvement that offers us a way where we can live our lives to the fullest by continuously learning, growing and thriving. This builds the fundament that both our people and the company objectives and goals are achieved.

  • A great culture

    Rickman is our Rickmaniacs who stand out with their strong personal drive and passion for superior work. We live up to our DRIVE values and work together in creating an environment where we trust each other, work collaboratively and have a deep respect for one another.

  • Premium brands

    You will have an opportunity to enrich people lives by representing ultimate brands that stand for superior quality products and their usage make people lives more enjoyable. We also offer international reach and experience.


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