Rickman today

We are an exclusive JURA, Blendtec and Thermomix distributor for the Baltic region.

Founded by 100% Estonian capital. Successful business experience since 1998.

We specialize in bringing ultimate consumer electronic brands to the fast-growing consumer markets in Eastern Europe.

Our ambition is to deliver brand’s full potential taking it to a market leader position. During 27 years of trusted collaboration with JURA Elektroapparate AG, we have taken the JURA brand to a No1 position in Baltics.

Our international team consists of ambitious professionals.

Our headquarters are based in Tallinn, Estonia while our business playground is the Baltics. We have our affiliates in Lithuania and Latvia Our international team consists of ambitious, highly qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate and dedicated to our clients. We are the only JURA distributor worldwide operating two JURA Hospitality Centers. With JURA Hospitality Centers we aim to build loyal long-term relationships with our dealers and consumers. We have a passion for everything we do, and we are proud of our results.

Our Vision and Mission


  • Vision

    Our ultimate goal is to make your life more enjoyable.

  • Mission

    We enrich people’s lives with ultimate consumer electronic appliances.

  • Ambition

    We deliver brand’s full potential taking it to a market leader position.



Andres Allikas

Founder & member of supervisory board

“My business credo is easy – decency, it creates a sense of trust. If you believe in what you are doing, regardless of if the market is ready or not, you are bound to succeed.”

Tõnu Antipov

Founder & member of supervisory board

"Leading a business is not easy for anyone. Key ingredients for a successful organization are trust, setting right team dynamics, and a productive working environment. Mistakes occur in business, just like they do in life, but we do not burn bridges and continue to collaborate side by side.”

Silver Rits

Founder & member of supervisory board

“When making choices, I ask myself – will I learn, can I make an impact, is it fun. If all three align, the magic happens. And it’s rarely in the comfort zone.”

Jolanta Kazlauskaite

Chairman of board & CEO

“As a leader my ultimate goal is to create a workplace that empowers my people and business to thrive! I believe in leading by example – guiding my team through courage, hard work and fairness. It is important to me to be impartial, help others to succeed and create enjoyable moments even in the most difficult times!”


We have come together to
make your life more enjoyable

A coffee break

Eclectic backgrounds and varying personal interests combined to connect four young individuals in autumn of 1995. Their mutual profound appreciation for coffee brought together Andres Allikas, Tõnu Antipov and a couple who is no longer with the business. High-quality coffee, top-of-the-range format, variety, and superior taste were the start of Rickman as we know it today.


New beginnings

A new company was registered to welcome the dawn of a new coffee business. Its foundation was built on the provision of Lavazza coffee in various formats. The idea expanded to accommodate sales of Italian capsule machines: Gaggia and, in later years, Cimbali (1997), which was the first fully automated coffee machine in the portfolio.


Love at first sight — Anuga Fair in Köln

The dimensions, convenience, and noise accompanying a delicious cup of coffee from JURA’s stand were breathtaking. A perfect espresso crowned with an elegant crema layer – they simply had to know more. Their enthusiasm waned upon discovering the price – three times the average salary. They decided to redirect their attention to more viable products.


All roads led to JURA

The determined businessmen purchased two expensive machines with no real idea about how to market them – yet believed the potential was there. The belief was justified, and JURA in Estonia was born. They embarked on a journey involving super-premium electronics products in developing markets – a high-risk move, but one that ultimately paid off.


Hitting the magic number

Our company exceeded its first million-euro turnover and started to gain recognition across the Baltic region. A new partner Silver Rits joined Rickman and helped to unlock JURA’s hidden potential in the Baltics through the retail market.


The perfect match

Once again, an accidental rendezvous occurred. The Seattle trade fair in Washington (Spring 2005) was when they originally met this beauty. Almost a decade later an agreement was signed with Blendtec and starting to build its presence in Baltic region.


Welcome, Thermomix!

Our goal is to make people's lives more enjoyable by offering them the most innovative brands in the field. Thermomix caught our attention in an opinion leader's article, where it was called a Tesla in the kitchen. Thorough research confirmed that Thermomix carries all our expectations and values - it is innovative, powerful, and easy to use. So we made it our mission to bring Thermomix to our customers.


We have a passion for what we do, and we are proud of our results.

Strongest In Estonia 2023

The international credit information company AS Creditinfo Eesti hereby certifies that Osaühing Rickman Trade has contributed to the development of the Estonian economy and honest business culture and, based on economic data for 2022, has achieved the rating of EXCELLENT (AAA) Just 0.9% of Estonian companies can claim an excellent AAA credit rating.

Strongest in Estonia 2020

EXCELLENCE (AAA). This rating is a reflection of our excellent financial results and payment discipline. It is a recognition of our contribution to setting an example how Estonian companies establish a healthy business culture during difficult times. Only 0.7% of Estonian companies are awarded the ‘Excellence AAA rating’ and we are justly proud to be one of them.

LEO AWARD 2011-2014

Best Distributor Performance. Multiple recognitions for excellent business performance results over time.

LEO AWARD 2003-2006

Most improved distributor.